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Grading Services In Asheboro, NC

Our grading services begin with highly trained and experienced operators. All of our employees work together as a team to ensure your grading project goes smoothly. We understand the importance of grading your site accurately and in a timely fashion. We provide both residential site work and commercial grading services; no job site is too big or small.

All grading services are done by our highly trained and experienced staff. Top things we consider when grading are finishing in a timely fashion and making sure your project goes as smoothly and accurately as possible. Tim Whitley Hauling and Grading provides both residential and commercial grading services.

There are two types of grading services, rough grading and fine grading. We offer both! Rough grading involves cutting, filing and compacting the land prior to the final grading. We will level the ground, backfill wherever needed and make sure the drainage plans are correct. If you need your land prepped for seeding, planting and paving this service is called fine grading. We clear all rocks and debris from the land and use a GPS (Global Positions System) control on a bulldozer and a laser guided box grader equipped on a skid loader. With this system we can program it to set any grade. This tech allows us to finish the jobs faster and more accurately. Give us a call at 336 736 7413 for more information.

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